- Our Story -

Just as every All Gold product is Crammed Full of Goodness, so too is our story.  It begins with our seeds, which we grow ourselves, and have been carefully chosen for their quality.  The seeds are then carefully nurtured into seedlings.  These delicate seedlings are entrusted to our South African farmers, who ensure that they grow into the finest plants.  The fruits of the plants are harvested and inspected for the highest level of quality.  Then, they are made into the most delightful All Gold Jams, Sauces, Tomato Products and Beverages.  This is why we can proudly say that every All Gold product is Crammed Full of Goodness.

Our Heritage

The All Gold legacy is one of quality, and true South African heritage.  The story of the brand is very much the story of the ingredients themselves.  The “seed” was planted in 1908 when chemist John Semble brought the secret and unique recipe to South Africa.  The well-loved product was originally manufactured by lowering muslin bags filled with herbs and spices into pots of ripe, freshly crushed tomatoes.  The brand was then nurtured and grew into a mass-produced product by 1959.  The year 1990 saw the tomato sauce process come to life for South Africans in the now famous giant bottle commercial which featured children “cramming” big tomatoes into a giant All Gold bottle.  The brand became a truly South African icon in 2004 when it was named the No. 1 Iconic Food Brand by TGI SA.  Scroll through the timeline below to see All Gold’s heritage truly come to life!

Launch of SA’s most Iconic Tomato Sauce

All Gold’s unique and secret recipe was brought to South Africa by Scottish chemist, John Semble, for production by H. Jones and Company, a jam manufacturing company in Paarl. From humble beginnings in the Western Cape, this well-loved product was originally made by lowering muslin bags filled with herbs and spices into pots of ripe, freshly crushed tomatoes.

Royal Family treated to Delights of All Gold

On the first visit to South Africa by reigning monarch King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret were treated to the delights of All Gold on the Royal Train!

More All Gold!

As demand for All Gold Tomato Sauce increases country-wide, mass production begins in Paarl and Langlaagte.

Jumping for All Gold

The debut of All Gold’s first commercial which featured tomatoes jumping into a bottle of All Gold Tomato Sauce, and strawberries jumping into a can of Jam.

250 Million Bottles

250 million bottles of All Gold Tomato Sauce were sold between 1908 and 1985 – that’s enough to circle the globe one and a half times!

36 Tomatoes

The launch of All Gold’s famous Giant Bottle Commercial featuring children cramming 36 big tomatoes into a giant All Gold Tomato Sauce bottle.

All Gold wins Gold!

All Gold wins Gold at the Monde Quality Awards in Brussels! This prestigious award affirmed the quality of All Gold products from a dietary perspective.

Light and Hot & Spicy

All Gold launches two new varieties of tomato sauce.

Pasta Pronto

All Gold Pasta Pronto launched.  The four tomato-based variants were the first ready-to-eat pasta sauces on the market.

No. 1 Food Brand!

All Gold was voted the N0.1 Icon Food Brand in South Africa by TGI Finance Week!  2004 also saw the launch of the upside-down squeeze bottle.  Only one year later All Gold would once again be the No. 1 Icon Food Brand in SA.

100 Years of All Gold

All Gold celebrates their centenary year of SA’s most loved tomato sauce.


All Gold launches their ground-breaking animated commercial, showing why only All Gold is Crammed Full of Goodness.  The full range also got an update with brand new packaging.